SIMAC is the exclusive distributor of FORMWORK METALLIC
Sale and rental of concrete plants, spare parts depot, rapid intervention, qualified technical assistance in French-speaking Switzerland

INTERFAMA Srl: Manufacture and sale of formwork & metal formwork

The double attention dedicated to the technological quality of the proposed product and its practical and efficient use, allow us to create and develop different formwork systems. INTERFAMA offers you high quality systems.

The designed systems were developed with the help of simulation software modern and they have been built with the help of production lines meeting the requirements of processing andinnovation the most modern technologies.

35 years of experience in production, functional checks, testing of products and materials supplied 'represent INTERFAMA today, a cutting-edge company, capable of building with quality.

The precision of the manufactured products is essential to the construction site.

High quality raw materials.

Machines and the efficient production of small parts.

brand value

INTERFAMA offers for sale wall formwork systems in aluminum or steel.
These frame formworks are characterized by the diversity of their fields of application, a high absorption of the pressure of fresh concrete, their long service life and their adaptability to the most varied construction projects.

This concreting formwork makes it possible to create straight walls in combination with climbing systems, columns, single-sided walls and circular walls. Exposed concrete surfaces can also be easily realized with these formwork solutions.

Plants at concrete

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Cointainers and Modular Structures

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